Yashica Y35 Digifilm camera

Yashica Returns with the Yashica Y35 digiFilm Camera

After teasing it for weeks, Yashica finally revealed its “big comeback” camera. it is, what it calls, a digiFilm camera. The model is named Yashica Y35 and it has fake film rolls inside it. The purpose behind launching a digiFilm camera is to “bring back the joy and meaning of shooting analogue” while “eliminating the time and expense required for film development.” 

Yashica Y35 Digifilm camera


The Yashica Y35 looks somewhat like the Electro 35, which incidentally had world’s first electronically controlled shutter. The camera features  1/3.2-inch CMOS sensor capable of shooting 14-megapixel photos. It also comes with a  35mm f/2.8 glass lens.

If you love shooting with films don’t get excited just yet. You won’t get analogue photos from the camera. The fake film rolls are there only for you to insert and take out while shooting just like you would have done in an actual analogue camera. But these “film rolls’ do have a function. Each pretend film roll is used for a precise combination of ISO and aspect ratios. So instead of changing the settings from camera menu, in the Yashica Y35 you would have to do them manually by inserting these film rolls. 

Yashica Y35 fake film rolls


Also just like old analogue cameras, once you pop in a film roll, you have to wait for the camera to wind the roll. There is also a built-in film advancement lever that you can use. Right now, 5 different digiFilm rolls are available with the camera –  ISO 1600 High Speed, Black & White (ISO 400), ISO 200 Ultra Fine (standard color photos), and 120 Format (6×6 and ISO 200. “Perfect for Instagram,” according to Yashica).

The camera also lacks an LCD screen for reviewing photos you have captured and once you shoot a photo you cannot delete them. Enough to match your analogue meter? We’ll let you decide that. For now look at the photos captured with Yashica Y35 and a video below. 



Yashica Y35 Digifilm camera ISO 1600


Yashica Y35 Digifilm camera ISO 120

Yashica Y35 Digifilm camera ISO 200


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