Wedding Photography Tips: Checklist before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Let’s admit it. Wedding photography is booming business these days. And since the time DSLRs have become easily available, almost every monkey with one think of themselves as a photographer. That is why it is extremely crucial that you be careful while choosing a wedding photographer for that special day. After all, for most people that day comes only once in life and it is important to not just capture the moments, but also make sure that they look stunning. Here is some important wedding photography tips that you need to keep in mind before investing your money in hiring a wedding photographer.

Get these ideas out of your head……

Well whatever you do, never choose a wedding photographer based on marketing gimmick and recommendation. It’s a big NO-NO. If you go to any wedding photographer’s website, you would see a lot of good photos, great ones in fact. Of course they would be there. That’s where most people get it wrong. Know this. Behind every great shot there are probably ten screw ups. That’s part of the game and that’s why as a customer it is equally important for you to know about the screw ups as it is to know about the successes. So in your communication ask the photographers about his failures as well.

Also make sure you don’t take anyone just because he or she is a ‘family friend’ unless you are sure that they are freakishly good with their job. We say it from experience. Most family friends screw up wedding shoots and you can’t say them much since they are your friend. Cause everybody hates to lose a friendship because of some ‘stupid’ photos, right?

One more thing is not to go with venue recommended photographers. The venues recommend particular photographers since they have an understanding with them and get commission for every job the photographer gets on their recommendation. Make an independent choice always after thoroughly going through a photographer’s past works and talking to him.


Got engaged? Now start searching…….

Let us tell you that most professional wedding photographers and the good ones get fully booked almost a year in advanced. So in order to get a good wedding photographer it is necessary that you start looking early. Otherwise, you may end up with only the leftovers which, in all honesty, can be a bit of a disaster.

Another good wedding photography tips while hiring a wedding photographer is to plan the wedding according to the availability of the photographer. Sounds weird right?? We know it does. But imagine this. If you are getting married on a date when not many people are getting married then chances of you getting the photographer of your choice increases by that much. And since availability of photographers will be more, you can pick and choose and if you want do a bargain with them while booking.

Importance of communication:

We suggest that you don’t book someone merely by going through their website or talking to them over phone.  It is extremely important to sit down with them and have a frank one-to-one talk about the whole thing before actually paying them the advance amount. You need to hear their thoughts about the event and then make up your mind. When we say hear their thoughts, we mean know in detail how they plan to shoot the wedding and how the final outcome would be – basically know their vision about how they see the whole event unfurl in their images.

If you want to go into a little more detail you can also ask them about the gear they would be using and what kind of technique they would using in post-processing the images. But unless you know a little bit about cameras and post-processing techniques, it wouldn’t make any sense to you. So if you are a novice in this field, we suggest some expert accompany you when you are having chats on these details with your prospective wedding photographers.


Narrow down your choice:

It is always smart to start with a list of potential wedding photographers. A good wedding photography tips is to look at everyone’s work by visiting their websites, facebook pages etc and then shorten the list by omitting the ones you don’t want to hire. After doing this you would only be left with the ones who could be your potential wedding photographer. Now begins the important phase of interviewing them and getting to know their styles as also negotiating the amount which would be suitable for the both of you.

Gauge their professionalism, know their styles:

Purpose of wedding photography shoot is to capture those moments for posterity. Think about it this way. What’s the ultimate goal? The ultimate goal is to create a stunning wedding album you will feel proud of showing to your grandchildren (if and when you have them). That’s exactly why you need to hire someone who is not just high on skills, but goes about his/her work in an extremely professional manner. Whatever you do, DO NOT hire someone who is in it for quick bucks because chances are high that at the end of it all you would get an album which might make you think about getting married once again , only this time with another photographer doing the photography job. So always choose a professional.

Another important wedding photography tips is to know the particular style the photographer is comfortable shooting in. Yes. You may not know this, but every photographer has his/her unique style. In this regard you want to have someone whose style and concept matches with yours. You must have an idea about how you want your wedding photos to look like. So make sure you hire someone who can deliver just that. Make sure you share every little detail of your plan with the photographer so that at the end he does not say “oh you didn’t tell me about it so I didn’t know.” Yes that happens a lot. So make sure you share every little detail with the guy with the camera.

For instance, if you want some pre-wedding shots taken outdoors with your partner let him know that and know from him in return the charges for such an exercise and if he/she knows good places in the city where those shots can be taken.

Determine the budget and then sign on the dotted line….


These days wedding photographers offer various packages to their clients depending on the requirements their client lists out. Before you choose a package for yourself make sure you have enough elbow room to negotiate within those constraints. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to drastically bring down the prices (after all the photographer also has to make some money out of it), but even if you are able to bring it down by say even 5 percent, it would amount to a huge saving on your part.

Another important wedding photography tips is to read the contract carefully before signing it. Know your rights dear customers before you sign that legal document that your wedding photographer presents you with. If you are not good with legal know-how seek help of someone who is. If you don’t know about your rights ask the photographer about your rights. This is because most photographers will present you with contracts which stipulate their rights. By that I mean their right to use your photos the way they want, while you can use them after giving due credit to the photographer. So in these areas you may have to negotiate if you want the terms changed. Otherwise, say if you want to print the images, you may have to buy the rights to those images. So read the contract papers very carefully before signing it.

Well that’s about it. If you wanna go further into details we suggest you can ask the photographer about the equipment he/she uses or the post processing techniques employed by them. But I believe that it is solely the photographer’s domain to decide how he wants to edit the photos as long as he can deliver what you ask from him.

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