Various Methods of Sharpening a Photo

Various Methods of Sharpening and How to Use them in Adobe Photoshop

Sharpening photos can be a bit tricky. If not done properly, it can completely ruin a photo. Knowing how to sharpen a photo properly may take some doing and some bit of experience. There are various methods of sharpening a photo in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Here we have brought you a video which shows you those very methods in detail and many others which you may not have known or heard of before. So go through the full video and it will definitely help you out in getting a better grasp of the various sharpening methods that you can employ while editing a photo.

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  • Naveen Kumar Thota Reply

    Very Informative Video, Recently I came across one other method using LAB mode , where you convert the picture to LAB and apply sharpening on Lightness Layer and converting back to RGB mode, I’m not sure how popular it is

  • Fabian Reply

    why do u blur in high pass? cant be done just with high pass?

  • Abu Fateh Reply

    Unsharp mask worked. It must be recommended. At the same time I am a fan of Adobe Camera Raw sharpening tool.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks… Spread the word…

  • Sumoncpk Reply

    Hey ,
    This is a great Photoshop tutorials you have done with us . This tutorial is very helpful .

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