DJI Phantom 4 drone timelapse

Timelapse Shot Using DJI Phantom 4 Making Waves on the Net

Photographer Ardem Pryadko thought of combining two of the biggest photographic trends of today – drones and timelapse and came up with something which packs nothing short of pure thrill and sensation in a 2-minute video. Drones that were used for making this ‘dronelapse’ include the DJI Phantom 4 and the DJI Pantom 4 Pro+. 

The timelapse was shot in Minsk, Belarus where Pryadko lives. It took him six months to shoot the entire two minute timelapse and it includes footage shot in summer, autumn and winter. According to Pryadko, this particular timelapse is “a new direction in shooting time lapses — time lapse using a drone.”

Via: ISO 1200

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