Nikon 100th Year commemorative model Nikon D5

Take a Look at Nikon 100th Year Commemorative Model

Nikon is celebrating 100th year of its existence this year and as a mark of its 100th year of continuous success the company would ‘release’ Nikon 100th Year Commemorative model for its consumers. Now the reason we put the word release under quotes because there is still no clarity if the model would be made available for purchase or is just for public viewing at the ongoing CP+ show in Japan. 

The Nikon 100th Year commemorative model consists of a whole box full of high end Nikon goodies. From the photo we can see a Nikon D5, D500 along with other Nikon cameras and lenses. All of them has been painted in what it looks like a gun metallic color and they come with an attachment case. The Nikon 100th Year logo has been imprinted quite boldly on them. So feast your eyes on them. 

Nikon D5 (Body only) Amazon B&H
Nikon D500 (Body Only) Amazon B&H
Nikon Lenses Amazon B&H

Nikon 100th Year commemorative model Nikon D5

Nikon 100th Year commemorative model Nikon D500

Nikon 100th Year commemorative model

Nikon 100th Year commemorative model

Nikon 100th Year commemorative model
The Attachment Case




  • Christina Reply

    If you would like someone to try your camera’s and lenses i will. I always use a nikon camera and use it for a wide range of photography. Would love to try this camera but price is a big factor ( mum of four two specail needs need).

  • Babu Hillary Reply

    I am a Nikon user for some years. To be very frank I love Nikon and used to advocate. The visible reason I put forth is to look in to used/preloved/second hand camera/ accessories sale column, one may find less cameras, lenses or other accessories branded by Nikon. I usually never spell out the brand’s name who’s products are flooded for resale. This helps them to have a first hand knowledge of what I was talking to, in turn they will spread the popularity of Nikon products or vouch for Nikon with confidence.
    Long live Nikon and its name.

  • Venson Reply

    Iamnikonfan to the core!:)
    Congratulation on the 100th year photography!

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