10 Powerful Photoshop features

10 Extremely Powerful Photoshop Features Every Photographer should Know

Ok.. These are absolute must-knows. Every photographer should know these powerful Photoshop features to up their game to the next level. In this video tutorial from tutvid you will see 10 powerful Photoshop features which you probably did not even know existed before and which have the potential to make you an expert when it comes […]

Create Powerful HDR Looking Portraits in Adobe Photoshop in Three Easy Steps

So here we are again with one more post-processing article which is sure to give your photos the much needed boost. Today we are going to tell you how you can easily create powerful HDR looking portraits in Adobe Photoshop in three easy steps. This process works particularly well for portraits where your subject’s face fills […]

Mastering Lightroom Workflow

Video Tutorial: Know Everything about Mastering Lightroom Workflow

Today Lightroom has emerged as the most popular post-processing tool for photographers everywhere. But since processes and terminologies used in this software are a little different from Photoshop and other photo editing tools, it may appear to be a little daunting to get a grasp of it at the start. But once you get going, it makes […]

Basics of Photoshop and Lightroom

Basics of Photoshop and Lightroom: A Video Compilation

Both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are extensively used by photographers and photo retouchers around the world for improving the look and feel of their photos. But to someone starting out, both these software may come across as something very daunting and difficult to manage. That is where beginning with the very basics of Photoshop and Lightroom come […]

Photography Tutorials: How to Shoot Backlighted Photos

In this video photography tutorial today we are going to tell you how to shoot backlighted photos. Shooting in backlight basically means shooting against the light where the source of light comes directly from the front of the photographer. As Mike himself in this video explains backlighting works particularly well in case translucent subjects like a […]

Wedding Photography Tips: Checklist before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Let’s admit it. Wedding photography is booming business these days. And since the time DSLRs have become easily available, almost every monkey with one think of themselves as a photographer. That is why it is extremely crucial that you be careful while choosing a wedding photographer for that special day. After all, for most people […]