5 elementary photoshop mistakes photographers make

Five Elementary Photoshop Mistakes Photographers Make

Everyone knows that when it comes to photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop, the same effect can be achieved in multiple ways. But the purpose should always be to achieve the best possible result in the easiest possible way, isn’t it? There are photographers who like to unnecessarily complicate things for themselves and end up making […]

tips on cleaning cameras and lenses

Tips on Cleaning Cameras and Lenses from Canon USA

Photography is an expensive profession/hobby to have primarily because photography equipment i.e. cameras and lenses are so expensive. And when things are that expensive, it is important that you take great care of them so that they last long and perform well. Taking care of cameras and lenses means cleaning them properly at regular intervals, […]

tips for making sharper photos

10 Unique Tips for Making Sharper Photos: Both In Camera and Post-Processing

Have you been wondering why the photos you take does not look as sharp as the photos clicked by some of the professionals? It’s an issue faced by most photographers – especially beginners and hobbyists. Reasons for this can be many. From using a bad lens to even the way you hold your camera – […]

Wedding Photography Tips: Checklist before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Let’s admit it. Wedding photography is booming business these days. And since the time DSLRs have become easily available, almost every monkey with one think of themselves as a photographer. That is why it is extremely crucial that you be careful while choosing a wedding photographer for that special day. After all, for most people […]