Photoshop technique for underexposed photos

Underexposed Photos? Use this Simple Lightroom/Photoshop Technique to Bring them to Life

Do you have some underexposed photos that you are thinking of throwing away? Don’t do it yet. Kaiwan Abdulrahman, based in Kurdistan, shows you how to cleverly use the shadows and highlights slider of Lightroom along with some Photoshop adjustments to turn them into something fantastic. So next time you have a really underexposed photo, do […]

Loupedeck Lightroom Editing Console

Loupedeck Lightroom Editing Console may Just be the Thing You need to Improve Editing Skills

The ergonomically designed Loupedeck Lightroom editing console may be the thing that takes your Lightroom editing skills to a new level. This computer keyboard looking device comes with knobs and switches which places all the Lightroom functions at your fingertips. According to Loupedeck, the system works perfectly with both Mac and Windows and aims to […]

hidden lightroom CC features

Hidden Lightroom CC Features to Take Your Workflow to the Next level

Today in this video tutorial we have brought to some hidden Lightroom CC features that most people don’t know about or don’t use, but they should. These hidden Lightroom CC features will not just increase the efficiency of your workflow, but will also simplify a few complicated things. The Lightroom CC features that we have […]

tips for making sharper photos

10 Unique Tips for Making Sharper Photos: Both In Camera and Post-Processing

Have you been wondering why the photos you take does not look as sharp as the photos clicked by some of the professionals? It’s an issue faced by most photographers – especially beginners and hobbyists. Reasons for this can be many. From using a bad lens to even the way you hold your camera – […]