Photoshop technique for underexposed photos

Underexposed Photos? Use this Simple Lightroom/Photoshop Technique to Bring them to Life

Do you have some underexposed photos that you are thinking of throwing away? Don’t do it yet. Kaiwan Abdulrahman, based in Kurdistan, shows you how to cleverly use the shadows and highlights slider of Lightroom along with some Photoshop adjustments to turn them into something fantastic. So next time you have a really underexposed photo, do […]

Easiest ways to remove unwanted objects using photoshop

Easiest Ways to Remove Unwanted Objects from a Photo Using Photoshop

Removing unwanted objects or obstructions in a photo can be quite difficult at times. If you use Photoshop to remove unwanted objects in your photo then you must know that there are umpteen number of ways you can do that. Today we have brought to you two of the easiest ways to remove unwanted objects […]

Orton Effect Tutorial

Orton Effect: Learn How to Give Your Photos That Dreamy Glow

Orton effect these days is an extremely popular post-processing technique with landscape photographers. With this technique you can make your photos look dreamy – like it has been pulled right out of a Lord of the Rings scene. But how to achieve this effect? Believe it or not, the technique is surprisingly simple. All you have […]

Photo Manipulation Before Photoshop

Photo Manipulation before Photoshop: How Did They Do It?

With fancy software like Adobe Photoshop and many others, today we take the art of photo manipulation and retouching almost for granted. Many people also have the mistaken belief that photo manipulation is new and is connected to the spread coming and spread of computer technology. Let us break that myth today. While photo manipulation […]

5 elementary photoshop mistakes photographers make

Five Elementary Photoshop Mistakes Photographers Make

Everyone knows that when it comes to photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop, the same effect can be achieved in multiple ways. But the purpose should always be to achieve the best possible result in the easiest possible way, isn’t it? There are photographers who like to unnecessarily complicate things for themselves and end up making […]

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Keyboard shortcuts

A Comprehensive Guide to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing the various Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom keyboard shortcuts can really make it a lot less tedious when you are working with these software. But knowing all them is not very easy. There is hardly any one resource which provides you with all the Photoshop and Lightroom shortcuts in one place. For every keyboard shortcut […]

10 Powerful Photoshop features

10 Extremely Powerful Photoshop Features Every Photographer should Know

Ok.. These are absolute must-knows. Every photographer should know these powerful Photoshop features to up their game to the next level. In this video tutorial from tutvid you will see 10 powerful Photoshop features which you probably did not even know existed before and which have the potential to make you an expert when it comes […]

Future Adobe Photoshop feature image manipulation software

Future Adobe Photoshop Feature May Include Crazy AI Powered Systems

Could this be a future Adobe Photoshop feature? In partnership with Adobe, researchers at UC Berkley have developed what they are calling ‘Generative Visual Manipulation’ which makes the job of image manipulation easy and a lot more realistic. According to the research paper titled “Generative Visual Manipulation on the Natural Image Manifold”, the system uses artificial intelligence […]

Various Methods of Sharpening a Photo

Various Methods of Sharpening and How to Use them in Adobe Photoshop

Sharpening photos can be a bit tricky. If not done properly, it can completely ruin a photo. Knowing how to sharpen a photo properly may take some doing and some bit of experience. There are various methods of sharpening a photo in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Here we have brought you a […]