Sony drone coming next

Rumor: Sony Drone Coming Next?

Will Sony follow Canon’s footsteps and launch its own drone next? It’s likely as said by Sony Alpha Rumors. According to the site, they have received information from two different anonymous sources which indicate that a Sony drone could be the next big thing from the electronic giant. 

Just a week ago, Canon had launched its PD6E2000-AW-CJ1 drone which comes fitted with a powerful ME20F-SH camera which has a max ISO of 4 million and can literally see in the dark. Although the drone itself isn’t built by Canon, the company will spearhead its marketing and sales across the globe.

In what shape and form the rumored Sony drone would come we still don’t know. But if the present day drone market is anything to go by then it would be a wise decision on part of Sony to enter this market and capture a chunk of it for itself. With companies like GoPro failing to offer the consumer anything substantial on this front, Sony would be a welcome addition in this league.

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors 

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