Protect Camera from Rain easiest way

Protect Camera from Rain in the Simplest Possible Way

In many parts of the world it’s rain time. For instance, the Indian subcontinent going through the monsoon¬†along with some other parts of the world. In these times, it becomes extremely important for you to protect camera from rain since seeping rainwater can damage the most vital parts of your beloved DSLR and can render it dysfunctional.

You will come across many tutorials and tips on how to protect camera from rain on the web, Most are pretty easy to follow, but here the simplest way of them all! It comes from Rohan Dhawan of Nikon India technical team. In this method you just need a large plastic packet (I am guessing any other transparent and waterproof material would do as well) and cut both sides of it. You’re done.. Yes that’s how simple it is.. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below..

Source: Nikon India YouTube Channel

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