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Photokina 2016 Rumors: A Roundup (Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm)

In the previous part of the Photokina 2016 rumors article we had brought to you various rumors regarding Canon and Olympus. In this part, we are going to focus on three more photography giants – Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm. So let’s get straight into it.

Photokina 2016 Rumors: Nikon

A full-frame mirrorless coming in?

This particular rumors about a full-frame mirrorless from Nikon have been doing the rounds for quite a while and there are quite strong signals that it could finally see the light of day at this year’s Photokina. It’s all the more important since it is more or less certain that Canon would be bringing in a full-frame mirrorless of its own at this year’s expo. So if Nikon doesn’t want to fall behind, it would be wise of it to at least give people a glimpse into the future Nikon mirorless to keep their interest in tact. But here, Nikon’s main competitor would be Sony, and not Canon.

Back in May this year, Nikon had registered a camera under the codename N1514 and since then the appearance of a ‘large sensor’ Nikon mirrorless have been doing the rounds. Well. large sensor is just a relative term and could either be a full-frame sensor or a large APS-C sensor camera. Not much details are available regarding this particular Nikon product as of now. So we will leave it here and hope that Nikon makes at least some sort of formal announcement of a mirrorless camera ASAP.

A new full-frame DSLR?

There are strong signs pointing towards a whole new full-frame Nikon DSLR model. We aren’t quite full sure of it since it’s barely been a few months since Nikon has launched its flagship D5 full-frame DSLR. The new DSLR in question here could be named Nikon D760 which would actually be a follow-up of the Nikon D750. Rumors about this started when online retailers like Amazon started offering huge discounts on their existing D750 stock. Here again, not much information is available regarding the specs and features of this supposedly new DSLR. So we have to wait a little more.

The Nikon D820/D900

This one is a mind bender when it comes rumors. Many rumors have said that this new full-frame DSLR would have a 70 megapixel sensor made most probably by Samsung and would act as the follow up of the famed Nikon D810. Well we are not crazy enough to believe that as of now (we would be happy to be proven wrong though). Even if a Nikon D820 or D900 becomes a reality we expect it to have a sensor around the 35-40 megapixel mark.

The more realistic DSLR announcement:

This one could well turn out to be true. We are expecting Nikon to announce a full-frame DSLR named Nikon D620 with a 24 megapixel sensor. It is being said that the camera would have excellent dynamic range with an EXPEED 4 processor and could be priced under the $2000 mark.

Photokina 2016 Rumors: Sony

Another RX100 in the Offing?

What is being called the RX100 V was supposed to have been announced this June, but if rumors are to be believed it got delayed because of the Kumamoto earthquake. So there are chances that the camera might eventually be announced at this year’s Photokina. Rumored specs of the RX100 V have gave it features like hybrid AF with a staggering 179 phase detect points and a EVF magnification of 0.7x. It was also rumored that the camera would use an UFS card.

The Sony A7 III

Just like the RX100 V, the A7 III was also slated for a June launch, but got delayed because of the earthquake. What features it would have, we have no idea.

The big A9 speculation:

Another 70-80 megapixel DSLR rumor, but this one will be from Sony. Called Sony A9, the other features of this DSLR is rumored to be improved image stabilization, dual XQD card slots, unlimited burst mode and lighter weight (in comparison to the Canon 5D Mark III)

Upgrade to the three year old Sony A99

The Sony A99 is three years old and an updated A99 II version was rumored to be launched in January this year, but those rumors turned out to be what they are – rumors. Now some are speculating that the A99 II could be launched at this year’s Photokina and there are strong signals that it may actually happen after all. The Sony A99 II is supposed to have a highly developed hybrid CMOS sensor and some pretty neat video specs.

On the lens front

Apart from new mirrorless and DSLR bodies, Sony is also expected to announce at least two new lenses at Photokina 2016 – a FE 100mm f/2.8 GM STF Autofocus Lens and a FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM.

Photokina 2016 Rumors: Fujifilm

A 50MP medium-format camera with three new Lenses

People at Fujifilm has long been watching the high-end camera market, especially since the launch of the Hasselblad X1D. Now there are rumors that Fuji might just announce a medium format 50MP camera at this year’s Photokina. Even if it doesn’t launch the actual camera, it might showcase a mock up or a prototype of the same at this event. It is also being said that the new camera would come with three new lenses, two of which would be prime lens and one would be a telephoto lens. The camera is said to have a DSLR like body design.

The X100T successor:

This is almost certain that Fuji would introduce the successor to the X100T, which could be called the X200 and it will have the same sensor as the XPro2 Camera. 

Know of any other rumors regarding these companies for this year’s Photokina event. Let us know in the comment section. 

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