Photography Tutorials: How to Shoot Backlighted Photos

In this video photography tutorial today we are going to tell you how to shoot backlighted photos. Shooting in backlight basically means shooting against the light where the source of light comes directly from the front of the photographer. As Mike himself in this video explains backlighting works particularly well in case translucent subjects like a bottle, ice, dew drops etc.

Backlighting portrait photograph
Photograph by Matt Bennett

So why shoot with backlight at all? If you see some backlighted photos you will see backlighting gives a wonderful ring of halo around the subject as you can see in the photo above. To learn how to shoot perfect backlighted photos go through the video given below and start practicing.


To see more such photography tutorial videos subscribe to Mike Brown’s channel on YouTube. 


  • Tushar Murmu Reply

    The backlight… Is tje the source of light must be the or any kind of artificial light will work?

    • admin Reply

      Any kind of artificial light should work given the light is powerful enough and the illumination is done correctly…

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