Photographer Robbed at Rio Olympics, Catches Thief the Very Next Day

Now here’s one thief who probably should not be in the business at all. When News Corp photographer Mr. Brett Costello was robbed at Rio Olympics even before the opening ceremony got underway, little did he know that he would be successful in catching the thief the very next day. So let’s take this from the start.

Costello was at a cafe in Rio when a young woman approached him asking for help. The woman was part of the group that robbed him off his $40,000 Canon gear. The woman was just a distraction and in just the 10 seconds he had spent in talking to the woman, his camera bag was snatched and taken to a nearby getaway car.

photographer robbed at Rio Olympics CCTV footage
CCTV footage at the cafe shows the woman who was part of the robbery..

I’m gutted and I feel stupid that I wasn’t wise to their plan. I know that I’ll probably never see my bag or gear again.

Said, Costello after the incident.

The robbery was impressive, but what happened the next day would astonish you (read crack you up) even further. One of the thieves, who had participated in stealing Costello’s gear was apprehended by Costello himself as he was trying to enter an Olympic venue pretending to be Costello. He was standing in line right behind Costello wearing Costello’s photography vest (you are allowed to laugh at this point). Costello immediately noticed the number on the vest and confronted the man along with the security guards at the venue. Sensing trouble, the man began to walk away. He was then chased by the police and detained for questioning.

If anything, we believe this thief should be put behind bars for his stupidity and as soon as he can, he should find himself another profession. As far as Costello’s $40,000 worth gear is concerned, he is not very confident of getting them back.

Here at Light n Focus, we would like to request all travelling photographers to be extra cautious while interacting with locals and always keep their gears and other important things with themselves in a secure way to save themselves getting robbed at Rio Olympics.

Here in the video Costello describes how it all happened…

And the video of the argument and the take down…..

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