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Panasonic GH5 Detailed Specs, Performance, Sample Images Pre-order Links and Much More

The Panasonic GH5 has been launched and it’s already getting rave reviews from every quarter. Some have even termed it as the ‘best launch of recent times’ surpassing the likes of Canon 5D Mark IV. But is it really that good? Or are all those positive reviews misplaced? In this article we will take a close look at all the aspects of the Panasonic GH5 and try and find out if the camera really does justice to the hype it is receiving.

Panasonic GH5 Specifications and Features:

Sensor and Processor:

At the heart of the GH5 is the new 20.3 megapixel image sensor which comes without the antialiasing filter for sharper photos. It also gets the latest version of the Venus Engine processor for faster sensor readout and processing speed. This enables the camera to have upgraded capability all around and enables it to handle noise reduction and detailing in a much better way.

Autofocus Capability:

With 225 depth from defocus (DFD) autofocus points, the GH5 covers almost the entire scene and gives crisp images in any condition. In addition, it now samples focus at 480fps and you can set the AF sensitivity and tracking parameters.

Continuous Shooting Speed:

The GH5 comes with four sets of customisable shooting to fine tune the continuous AF performance where it can shoot at 12fps in single AF and 9fps in Continuous AF mode. According to official press release, buffer capability of the camera is 100RAW and 600 JPEG images.

Dual IS:

The camera also gets Panasonic’s combo sensor-shift/optical 5-axis Dual IS image stabilization. In fact, the camera has 5 axes IS in the camera and 2 axes on the lens. This way, it definitely outshines the likes of Sony A6500 which comes with 3 axes on the body and 2 axes on the lens.

Video Capability:

This is where the Panasonic GH5 outshines and outclasses most of its rivals. The most prolific video features in the GH5 include its capability to shoot 4K at 60fps and 50fps options. It is the first mirrorless to have 6K shooting capability, but that is limited to 30fps.

Also while the Panasonic GH4 allowed you to capture 4:2:2 10 bit videos with an external recorder, The GH5 does so internally to the SD card. This feature would be big for filmmakers since 10bit and 4:2:2 is going to help when cutting a green screen key. But do keep in mind, all of the video features of the GH5 won’t be available when the camera ships. Some of them would be made available through firmware updates, first of which would be released this summer.


The GH5 has DSLR type body made of magnesium alloy and is completely  splash, dust and freeze proof down to -10°C. Larger grip means the camera is suitable for use with bigger lenses.

Other noteworthy features:

  • 0.76x 3680K-dot OLED Live Viewfinder
  • Unlimited video recording at 4k
  • 2 SD card slots
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Optional battery grip (DMW-BGGH5)
  • Optional XLR microphone adapter (DMW-XLR1)
  • Hot shoe
  • 410 shots on full battery
  • 1/16000 highest shutter speed
  • AF joystick
  • AF mode selector

Panasonic GH5 Pre-order Links:

Panasonic GH5 Digital Mirrorless Camera Amazon B&H

Panasonic GH5 Sample Images:

Panasonic GH5 sample image

Panasonic GH5 sample image

Panasonic GH5 sample image

Panasonic GH5 sample image

Panasonic GH5 sample image

Panasonic GH5 Performance Videos:

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