Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media Platforms

For photographers, social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, have come as nothing short of blessings from god. Both the platforms, along with others are being extensively used by photographers worldwide to showcase their work. But since in photography showcasing work means showing off your best photographs, it is extremely important to know what size would give […]

Basics of Photoshop and Lightroom: A Video Compilation

Basics of Photoshop and Lightroom

Both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are extensively used by photographers and photo retouchers around the world for improving the look and feel of their photos. But to someone starting out, both these software may come across as something very daunting and difficult to manage. That is where beginning with the very basics of Photoshop and Lightroom come […]

Blind People May Soon be Able to ‘See’ Photos on Facebook with its New Automatic Alternative Text

Facebook Automatic Alternative Text

Now that’s really a welcome development – for both both people with no vision as well as for photographers. An official announcement has been made by Facebook that it is working on some sort of an artificial intelligence which will help blind or severely visually impaired folks see Facebook’s newsfeed and photos in them. Facebook […]

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest in Now Open

Travel Photo Rajasthan Jaisalmer

So here’s your chance to get noticed in the photographic world. The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest for 2016 is now open for all. You can enter the contest from here As everyone remotely associated with photography will know that this is amongst the most prestigious photography contests out there and winning […]

Future Adobe Photoshop Feature may Include Auto Colorization of Black and Whites

Adobe Photoshop Automatic Coiorization Feature

The Adobe Photoshop already has come a long way and offers much more to photographers and photo retouchers than any other software, but now it is planning to go a step further. If rumors are to be believed then future Adobe Photoshop feature may include auto colorization of black and white photos.  Colorizing old black […]

Photography Tutorials: How to Shoot Backlighted Photos

In this video photography tutorial today we are going to tell you how to shoot backlighted photos. Shooting in backlight basically means shooting against the light where the source of light comes directly from the front of the photographer. As Mike himself in this video explains backlighting works particularly well in case translucent subjects like a […]