Video Tutorial: Know Everything about Mastering Lightroom Workflow

Mastering Lightroom Workflow

Today Lightroom has emerged as the most popular post-processing tool for photographers everywhere. But since processes and terminologies used in this software are a little different from Photoshop and other photo editing tools, it may appear to be a little daunting to get a grasp of it at the start. But once you get going, it makes […]

Dramatic Pictures Show Warthog Mother Fighting with Leopard to Save Her Baby

warthog fights leopard Kruger National Park

So what happens when a leopard grabs a piglet? The mother warthog charges and sends the leopard flying in the air making it lose its grip on the baby warthog. Seems unusual? This is exactly what happened a few days back at the Kruger National Park in South Africa and dramatic pictures of this incident […]

3 Glasses Later: Photographer Captures Changing Faces After 3 Glasses of Wine

Well there are many things that you shouldn’t mix with alcohol since the result of those mixtures can be quite deadly. But not if you mix photography with alcohol as has been shown by Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti. His 3 Glasses Later project captures beautifully how peoples’ expression change after 3 glasses of wine.  As […]

Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media Platforms

For photographers, social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, have come as nothing short of blessings from god. Both the platforms, along with others are being extensively used by photographers worldwide to showcase their work. But since in photography showcasing work means showing off your best photographs, it is extremely important to know what size would give […]