Photographer Returns Animals to their Lost Land the Best Way He Could

Inherit the Dust Nick Brandt

Deforestation and industrialization is causing havoc to the natural world everywhere. May be that’s what stirred British photographer Nick Brandt to come up with this unique idea to showcase the ill effects these two human activities have on nature and it does stir you up in a big way. In his project called “Inherit the Dust“, Nick […]

Pulitzer Prize 2016: Photos which Won the Day

Pulitzer Prize 2016 pulitzer prize Syrian Refugee crisis

The Pulitzer prize 2016 saw special emphasis being given to the Syrian refugee crisis and the consequent migrant inflow that was witnessed in Europe and some other parts of the world. The biggest prize was shared by Reuters and New York Times as they jointly won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography for pictures of […]

Video Tutorial: Know Everything about Mastering Lightroom Workflow

Mastering Lightroom Workflow

Today Lightroom has emerged as the most popular post-processing tool for photographers everywhere. But since processes and terminologies used in this software are a little different from Photoshop and other photo editing tools, it may appear to be a little daunting to get a grasp of it at the start. But once you get going, it makes […]