DJI Zenmuse X7 6K camera

It’s Official: DJI Announces Zenmuse X7 6K Camera

As we had reported a few hours back, DJI has indeed announced its Zenmuse X7 camera capable of shooting 6K. The DJI Zenmuse X7 6K camera is primarily designed for DJI Inspire 2 drone and comes with interchangeable lenses. The DJI Cinema Color system means greater freedom for cinematographers. 

DJI Zenmuse X7 6K camera

The DJI Zenmuse X7 comes with a 35mm 24 megapixel sensor capable of shooting videos in 6K and in DNG. it also has 14 stops dynamic range. Here’s a brief look at its specs:


  • Inspire 2 Compatibility
  • 5.2K Apple ProRes
  • 3-axis stabilization
  • Super 35 Sensor
  • 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • 6K Cinema DNG
  • 24 MP Stills

DJI Zenmuse X7 6K camera sensor

DJI Zenmuse X7 6K camera drone attachment

The camera comes with 4 new lenses – 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses, each with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and made of carbon fiber. So they are durable as well as lightweight. The 16mm lens comes with a built-in ND filter, while the 24mm, 35mm and 50mm has mechanical shutter. 

Here’s the pricing structure of the DJI Zenmuse X7 6K capable camera: 

DJI Zenmuse X7: $2699 USD (AMAZON/B&H)

DJI Zenmuse X7 + All Four lenses: $4299 USD 

16mm, 24mm and 35mm lenses: $1299 USD each 

50mm: $1199 USD 

Shipping of these products is set to being in November. 

Here’s an introduction video of the product. 

Here’s a video showing the capability of the camera: 


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