Nikon AF-S Nikkor 105 mm F/1.4 prime

Nikon Launching the Fastest 105 mm Lens Next Month?

From some leaked images and online reports it seems almost certain that Nikon is readying a new 105 mm lens. The lens in question here is the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 105 mm f/1.4E ED and it is being said that it will be launched on the 26th of next month. 

Built with an emphasis on Bokeh quality, the new 105 mm prime lens from Nikon is also said to be the fastest in the world when it finally gets launched. According to a report in PetaPixel, the new lens will have gold ring and Nano Crystal Coat, but would come without the much vaunted VR (vibration reduction) feature. This is because existing Nikon 105 mm lens have VR and is somewhat slower at F/2.8. So this time Nikon will focus more on improved bokeh. That’s why VR will be given a miss in this one. 

As far as price of the new lens is concerned, rumors have it that it will be priced around the $2200 mark (¥233,280 in Japan), but we are hoping for a much lower price both in Japan and in the international markets when it is actually launched. 

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