Nikon dual pixel AF sensor

Nikon Dual Pixel AF Sensor in the Offing?

According to a patent that came online it seems Nikon dual pixel AF sensor could be a reality in the coming days. The news posted on The New Camera seems to indicate that the company is working on a BSI CMOS AF sensor which will have two sub pixels and will do “AF by calculating the amount of lens drive Between the two autofocus points.” 

Here’s the patent detail revealed by The New Camera.

Patent Details:

Applicant: NIKON CORPORATION, Tokyo (JP)
Appl. No.: 15/260,994
Filed Date: Sep. 9, 2016
Pub. Date: Dec. 29, 2016

Nikon dual pixel AF sensor

Nikon dual pixel AF sensor patent

Language from the patent document:

A backside illumination image sensor that includes a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a read circuit formed on a front surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and captures an image by outputting, via the read circuit, electrical signals generated as incident light having reached a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate is received at the photoelectric conversion elements includes: a light shielding film formed on a side where incident light enters the photoelectric conversion elements, with an opening formed therein in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element; and an on-chip lens formed at a position set apart from the light shielding film by a predetermined distance in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element. The light shielding film and an exit pupil plane of the image forming optical system achieve a conjugate relation to each other with regard to the on-chip lens.

Although here we must make it clear that the website does clarify that it is difficult to understand the patent language. But after detailed calibration they have come to the conclusion that it is indeed a Nikon dual pixel AF sensor that the patent talks about. At this point all we can say is Canon you better watch out. 

Patent PDF

Source: The New Camera

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