DJI teaser video screen grab

New DJI Teaser Video Hints at Next Stage in Cinematic Vision, Announcement Tomorrow

A new mysterious DJI teaser video has everyone guessing. The description in the video reads “next stage in cinematic vision”. But what does it really mean? A new product launch? seems likely as we have confirmed that DJI will announce something tomorrow (October 11th). What it is we don’t know yet. But our best guess is that it is going to be a new camera for its drones. Many are guessing that it could be the long awaited Phantom 5, but here at Light n Focus we believe that one is still sometime away.

DJI teaser video screen grab

The DJI teaser video in question is called Reflection and shows various shots taken supposedly from a drone. Now we are aware that these teaser videos generally indicate a new product launch and these videos are usually shot with the product that would be announced, but talking of a drone launch at this point in time seems far fetched. Having said that we would love to be proven wrong on this. 

Why we say it’s not a drone? If you see a video there is a frame shot with a handheld gimbal, which obviously cannot be a drone. Our best, that is why, is a new drone camera. But let’s wait for a few more hours and everything will become clear. In the meantime do watch the teaser video below.  

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