Mystery Fuji X-Series cam

“Never Heard Before” Fuji X-Series Cam to Come in 2016?

Fuji Rumors have come with a report that in this year itself Fuji may announce a mystery Fuji X-Series cam that no one has heard of or spoken about before. After this report came online, guessing games have begun in the various Fuji circles. Which one could it be? Could it be the Fujifilm X-T20 or would it be the X100F? Some are saying it could be the much rumored X-E3. But then the X-E3 is already amongst the ‘rumored’ Fuji cameras. The source which has revealed this news has mentioned that the new camera has never been talked about in the rumor circles. 

It’s not necessary that the new Fuji X-Series cam has to be a new one. It could well be an upgraded model of an already existing camera. But then it could be many other things. For now, let’s keep the guessing games going and wait to see what Fuji really has to offer if anything.  

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