Irix 11mm f/4 lens

Irix 11mm F/4 Lens for Canon, Nikon and Pentax Officially Announced

The Irix 11mm F/4 full-frame lens for Canon, Nikon and Pentax mount have been officially announced. The lens comes with the same convenient focus lock mechanism, infinity click-stop, rear gelatin filter slot and hyperfocal scale as the previously announced Irix 15mm f/2.4. 

Irix 11mm f/4 lens firefly and blackstone versions

The Irix 11mm f/4 ens will come in two different versions – Firefly and Blackstone. Firefly is the standard version made up of lightweight composite materials and gets anti-slip rubber coating and painted markings. Blackstone is the more premium version with a durable aluminum/magnesium alloy body and fluorescent markings for low-light operation. For carrying purposes the Firefly version will come with a lightweight, soft lens pouch, while the Blackstone version will be shipped with a hard lens case. 

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Image size 35mm ”Full Frame”
Focal length 11mm
Field of View 126⁰ (diagonal)
Focusing range 0.28 m (0.92 ft) – ∞
Focusing type manual with lock function
Aperture range f/4.0 – f/22
Aperture control via camera
Aperture shape 9 rounded blades
Lens construction 16 elements in 10 groups(4x HR, 3x ASP, 2x ED)
Front filter thread N/A
Rear gelatin filter slot 30 x 30 mm
Available bayonet mounts Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K
Weight Firefly Canon 785 g (1.73 lbs)
Nikon 723 g (1.59 lbs)
Blackstone Canon 815 g (1.80 lbs)
Nikon 792 g (1.74 lbs)
Dimensions (D x H) Firefly Canon 103 x 118 mm (4.06” x 4.64”)
Nikon 103 x 115 mm (4.06” x 4.53”)
Blackstone Canon 103 x 118 mm (4.06” x 4.64”)
Nikon 103 x 115 mm (4.06” x 4.53”)

Source: Photo Rumors

As far as prices of the Irix 11mm f/4 lens is concerned, the Firefly version will cost$575 USD while the Blackstone version will be available at $775 USD.

Sample Irix 11mm F/4 footage shot with Nikon D810:

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  • At0micandy Reply

    that footage doesn’t sell the lens to me. Seems soft and not sure if the poor DR is the camera or the lens or the combo of both

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