Instagram Hack 2019

Instagram Hack 2019: Does this Instagram Hack Work?

Instagram influencer Courtney Quinn shared with her followers an Instagram hack in which she gave one easy way to increase Instagram reach is to apply the Instagram provided filters on your photos. Although she later deleted that post, it was picked up by an illustrator Mariana Avila who tweeted the same and it went viral. The trick is that you have to apply any one of the instagram filters on your photo, albeit in a low percentage and Instagram algorithm then prioritizes that photo giving you more reach.

Courtney Quinn’s post which since has been deleted:

Instagram Hack 2019
Courtney Quinn’s post

The trick since then were tried by many with mixed results. Many responded to Mariana’s Instagram hack tweet saying it worked for them. But it does seems to be a hoax. The reach they got could well have been because of other factors and may not be because they used instagram filters on their photo. The video below by Ayan Sengupta seems to explain that.

Since then Instagram have issued an official statement denying that using the filters have any effect on their algorithm. It said:

For background on the algorithm: each time someone opens Instagram, we pull in a batch of new content and append them on top of the previous items in the feed. The batches are different sizes depending on how long it has been since the person last opened Instagram. Within each batch, posts are ordered based on factors like how recently the post was shared, the persons interactions with the author, the number of mutual relationships between viewer and author, and whether the viewer will find the post interesting. Posts that people are most likely to care about will appear higher in their feeds. Signals and interactions include likes and comments, dwell time, skipping past a post or tapping to view a profile. We don’t penalize content that is posted from creator or business accounts. We want people to see the content they care about, regardless if it’s from friends or a brand they are passionate about.

So please use it on your Instagram posts and let us know if this really stupid sounding Instagram hack really works or not.

Source: PetaPixel

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