Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media Platforms

For photographers, social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, have come as nothing short of blessings from god. Both the platforms, along with others are being extensively used by photographers worldwide to showcase their work. But since in photography showcasing work means showing off your best photographs, it is extremely important to know what size would give the best possible outcomes in the social media platforms when one is uploading photos to them. In this article we would strive to explain those ideal image sizes for social media platforms across the six most popular social media sites.

But why should image size matter? Ideally you should just upload image of any shape and size and it should look just as good as it did on your computer or mobile phone, right? No. Image size matters because whenever you upload an image to these social media platforms, they automatically compress the image and in the process decrease the file size. Thus, the photo which you have uploaded may not remain as sharp as it looked when you viewed it on your desktop. Here’s a quick look at the ideal image sizes for social media platforms. Do remember that once you upload these images they will get compressed to a different size based on the site you are uploading them to.

  1. Facebook: 1200 x 628
  2. Twitter:  1024 x 512
  3. LinkedIn: 800 x 800
  4. Google+ : 800 x 1200
  5. Instagram: 1080 x 1080
  6. Pinterest: 735 x 1102

Ideal Image Size for Facebook:

Ideal image sizes for social media platform Facebook
Images as they appear with links on Facebook

There are various ways an image can be displayed on Facebook. Most preferred way of course is to directly upload images on to the site. But when you post a link on Facebook, one image associated with that page also get displayed. When you copy paste a link on Facebook, one image associated with the link fills a box of 470 x 246 pixels. You also get the option of replacing the image with several others from the link given the link you are sharing has more than one image in it or by directly uploading one from your computer.

Ideal Image Size for Twitter

Image size on Twitter vary from desktop to mobile. On desktop, Twitter images have a size of 506 x 253, but on mobile they automatically shrink to the best possible size depending on the display of the mobile phone. When you only share image on Twitter, it crops the image from top and bottom showing only the central part of the image.

When it comes to posting pictures for large Twitter Cards, the pictures should be at least 506 x 150 pixels in size and MUST be less than 1 MB in file size.

Ideal Image Size for Instagram



Ideal image sizes for social media platform instagram
Image Size on Instagram Feed

When it comes to image size, everything is straight forward in Instagram. Images on Instagram gets compressed to a size of 510 x 510 pixels in the feed and the thumbnails has a size of 161 x 161. The images on the header has a size of either 204 x 204 (for the smaller featured images) or 409 x 409 (for the larger featured image).

Ideal image sizes for social media platform instagram
Thumbnail Size on Instagram

Ideal Image Size for LinkedIn

Thumbnails of links and articles in LinkedIn has a size of 180 x 110 pixels and in case of direct upload of images they appear at a size of 350 pixels width maximum. The height of the image though will vary according to the size of the original image. One exception this rule is LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages, which allows brands to create pages based on their offshoots. On those pages images for links appear at a larger size of 442 x 248 or at a size of 180 x 110.

Ideal Image Size for Google+

ideal image sizes for social media platforms google+
Image size for Google+ posts


Photos attached to links on Google+ posts have a maximum width of 426 pixels. Height of the image is scaled down according to the height of the original image.

Ideal Image Size for Pinterest

Ideal image sizes for social media platforms Pinterest
Expanded Images in Pinterest

In Pinterest in the feed the images have a width of 235 pixels. The height is scaled down accordingly. Expanded images have a width of 736 pixels. Here too the height is scaled down accordingly and thus it varies from image to image. The best aspect ration for images on Pinterest is said to be between 2:3 and 1:3.5, with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

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