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Google Nik Collection is Now Available for Free

Till now it cost $150 or you had to rely on torrent. but now Google has made it absolutely free. We are talking about the extremely useful photo editing tool Nik Collection here. As its name suggests, Nik Collection is a set of photo editing tools that was till a couple of days back was priced at $150 and was priced at a whopping $500 even before that. If you are one of those who had purchased this in 2016, you will receive a refund of the amount from google. Now absolutely free, the entire suite can be downloaded from here. Don’t mix Nik Collection with Google Photos and Snapseed. They are still quite different and you will have to wait a little more to use them all together. 

Google purchased Nik Collection in 2012 from Nik Software in 2012 ans ran it as a paid software for 3 years. But now it has decided to give it away for free. Nik Collection consists of seven extremely useful photo editing tools which makes the entire process of photo editing both easy and efficient. The soft works as embedded filter with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture. Total file size of the software is 590MB.


Google Nik Collection Adobe Photoshop
Google Nik Collection in Adobe Photoshop

Seven different filters of NIk Collection are as follows: 

  1.  Analog Efex Pro for rendering effects of classic films and lenses.
  2. Color Efex Pro for retouching and color correction
  3. Silver Efex Pro for editing in black and white with darkroom inspired controls
  4. Viveza for selective color and tonality adjustments
  5. HDR Efex Pro for rendering HDR effects
  6. Dfine 2 for effective noise reduction
  7. Sharpener Pro for sharpening an image.

We still don’t know if Google will continue to update the software or not, but we do know that the company will in the future focus on making photo editing tools for mobile. In fact, Google had in the past used the controls of Nik Collection to upgrade the photo editing options of its popular Google+ platform. 

Even before acquiring the Nik Collection, Google had acquired Picasa in 2004, which it has now decided to shut down. An announcement in this regard has already been made. The focus now seems to be on Google+ web and mobile photo editing features. Just last week the company unveiled a smart album feature in Google+ and has also tweaked it to support Apple’s Live Photos on iOS. 

Downside of the Nik Collection is the fact that it’s still not totally integrated with Apple Photos , so for Mac users this free option may not bring much of a good news as yet.


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