future of olympus om-d em-1 mark ii

Future of Olympus: 33MP Camera with 8K Capability

In a recent interview to Focus Numerique, Akira Watanabe and Toshiyuki Terada of Olympus revealed quite a bit about the future of Olympus. Here are some of the highlights from that interview.

33 megapixel sensor with 8K:

The duo talked about developing a 33 megapixel sensor camera with 8K capability. Right now the company’s most advanced 4/3rd camera, the OM-D EM-1 Mark II, carries a 20.4 megapixel sensor with 4K video recording capability.

Nikon Snapbridge like feature

The duo seemed very intrigued by Nikon SnapBridge. Although they have not confirmed developing such a feature for future of Olympus cameras, but they have held out a promise to ‘study’ the Snapbridge app in the coming days.

Handheld high-resolution mode:

According to Watanabe, Olympus in the near future would offer a handheld high-resolution mode.

Improved image stabilization:

All future Olympus cameras would come with improved image stabilization (IS). According to the managers, the company already has the tech to improve IS and take it to a whole new level. The company has already patented hybrid IS technology and could use them in its future products. 



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