Fuji X100F rumor

Fuji X100F to have Digital Tele-Converter, Lack Dual Card Slot and 4K

So according to the latest rumors going around, the Fuji X100F will come without the much anticipated 4k and will also lack dual SD card slot. But the camera will have a digital tele-converter just like the one we find on Fujifilm X70. But on the X70, the digital tele-converter disables RAW shooting. If the same happens in X100F then it could spoil the fun for many. 

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Rumored specs of the Fuji X100F thus far include:

  • Digital tele-converter
  • No 4k
  • No dual card slot
  • No weather sealing
  • No tilt screen
  • Control ring on lens
  • Integrated button on OVF/EVF lever
  • Intended to carry same lenses
  • Integrated shutter/ISO dial
  • New NP-W126(S) batteries
  • Joystick
  • Announcement on January 19th

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