Black Mamba bites Photographer Mark Laita

Even after Black Mamba Bite Photographer Keeps Shooting and Produces Stunning Results

How many would be able to do it? Take a bow Mark Laita. While shooting for his book Serpentinehe was bitten by the deadly Black Mamba and despite that he continued shooting it. Here’s what happened.

Laita was shooting beautifully lit snakes against a black background for his book Serpentine. One of the snakes he chose to shoot was the deadly African snake, the Black Mamba. But as the owner of the snake was retrieving it, the snake hook got entangled in a red photographic wire and that spook the snake. Mark was standing pretty close to the snake and the snake latched towards his leg and bit him. 

Black Mamba bites Photographer Mark Laita
The moment Mark got bitten

“Ohh fuck” was Mark’s first reaction. But even after getting bitten by one of world;s deadliest snakes, Mark kept shooting it. Although the snake did have its venom gland, it didn’t poison Mark. it was most probably a dry bite. As soon as he was bitten, blood started gushing out of the bitten leg. 

Later on, when he was going through the photos, he realized that he had captured the exact moment of the bite. The incident first appeared on Daily Mail and he was accused of stage managing this incident to publicize his book. 

“The whole thing is stupid, and it makes me look like a reckless jackass, which I’m not. I wanted people to talk about the book and not the bite” he said.

So what was the purpose of such a deadly and risky project after all? As Mark explains, “snakes are often misunderstood. My intention was to explore color, shape and movement, using snakes as a subject.” 

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