Easiest ways to remove unwanted objects using photoshop

Easiest Ways to Remove Unwanted Objects from a Photo Using Photoshop

Removing unwanted objects or obstructions in a photo can be quite difficult at times. If you use Photoshop to remove unwanted objects in your photo then you must know that there are umpteen number of ways you can do that. Today we have brought to you two of the easiest ways to remove unwanted objects from a photo. 


In this tutorial, you will learn how to use content aware fill and patch tool to remove obstructions or objects from a photo. 

The first method describes how you can use the content aware fill in Photoshop to remove objects from a photo and in the second method you will learn how to use the patch tool to achieve a much better result. This tutorial is pretty basic. In a couple of days we will bring to you a tutorial where you will learn to remove unwanted objects against a complicated background. 

For now do watch this video.

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