How to choose your first camera: A Complete Guide

In case you are an amateur but enthusiastic photographer who requires an answer to the question: “What is a good camera to start photography”; you have done photographing for Instagram or just for private collections but now your goal is bigger. With suitable cameras for amateur photographers, you want to take creative photos and gain profit from this business! For these purposes, you will definitely have to purchase equipment that will be reliable and easy to use.

How to choose your first camera – Must-Have options

Choosing the best camera for amateur photographer is an important task, and it is easier than you think. For your support, we have compiled some useful tips that will definitely stop you from buying wrong equipment. Remember that a good camera is a half of your future photography success.

1)  Choose independently

The first thing you have to know is that a shopping assistant is not always right. Of course, you may buy a quite expensive camera (for instance reflex camera or wide-spread single-lens common camera), but such types are suitable mainly for professional photographers. For you, as a beginner, that will not be the best decision.

2) Read reviews

This is a great way out in finding a good camera for amateur photographer. Usually, such feedback is made by photographers that have already used a particular model of camera. Thus, these people know better all its pluses and can honestly admit all its minuses. Still, be careful not to be misled with dishonest reviews made for advertising purposes. They are quite widespread.

3) Communicate with other photographers

This tip for choosing the best professional camera for beginner has stood the test of time. If you have friends with the same occupation, you definitely should consult them. If not, there is much information about amateur photographer cameras that is accessible via the internet.

4) Consider buying a second-hand camera

That is a cool way of saving money. Do not be afraid that because of this fact photo quality will be lower. Moreover, this idea contains one undeniable bonus. Even the most experienced photographer will not reveal all potential problems because the time for testing is limited. If you are afraid of such variant, then buy the camera with a legal certificate. But still, choose not the latest popular model, but a previous and not so expensive one. Usually, such models are very close to each other concerning functionality and photo quality.

Despite the different tips for choosing the cameras for amateur photography, there are non-negotiable requirements that every camera should meet. We have 3 features that must be available.

1) Touch tuning

A good camera for amateur photographer should have this characteristic. For beginners, it is essential to have it at hand so that it is always available. You should also understand that the biggest part of cheap cameras does not have complicated facilities for additional settings that can be adjusted manually.

2) A possibility to capture with blurred backdrop

 A good camera must be able to capture objects in slightly blurred background. That is only possible when it has enough depth of special in-focus distance to capture the photos. This technique must be in a basic arsenal of every beginning photographer. Moreover, the size of the used image sensor is also quite important. Here works the algorithm that the bigger the size of the image sensor, the better. The quality of a photo depends on this characteristic. The size of the mirror does not influence the final quality of pictures. But still, in case you do not manage to find this feature in your camera, you may achieve this desired result with the support of photo retouching services online. 

3) Having SCS

That is a special type of camera, which has replaceable optics. You, as a would-be professional photographer, should know that nearly 50% of success depends on additional lenses. Besides, the type of lens always defines the distance of the captured photo on the used camera.

Top list of cameras for amateur photographers

There is a special division of all digital cameras. They are amateur, numberless semi-professional (the most chosen) and the most expensive ones – professional models. The amateur photographer cameras will certainly be the most suitable until you deepen and perfect your skills.

The main principle that you should understand about cameras for amateur photography or professional ones is that all cameras take photographs according to the same algorithm. Every camera has a particular number of functions. In case you deal with the amateur cameras, you will notice that they are simpler in terms of management. Still, it doesn`t influence the final quality of pictures.

Taking into account all the factors described above, the company FixThePhoto (  editing service has chosen two camera models that suit the quotation “the best professional camera for a beginner”.

1) Canon EOS 650D

  • High sensitivity (800)
  • Provides 5 fps photo sessions
  • Is able to take Full-HD movies
  • Has manual control

2) Nikon D5200

  • Provides 3D tracking
  • Is able to photograph 5 shot per one second
  • HD video is possible
  • Has Wi-Fi and GPS

Having observed the photo trends of recent years, we should admit that there is a tendency for buying and using reflex cameras. Because of high prices and much required time for practice, they are no longer popular. Now, modern companies that produce reflex cameras are not oriented on making professional equipment that is highly expensive. Now their target is amateur photographer cameras.

We also want to support beginner photographers and for this, we have presented a wider list of recommended cameras. With this advice, you will be confident that you buy a totally reliable instrument.

1) Canon 1100D

  • The main bonus is simplicity concerning functioning
  • Minimal modest price
  • High maximum resolution ( 12 mil pixels)
  • Having dynamic diapason
  • Reliable system focusing
  • Speed is about 2-3 shots per second

2) Nikon D3100

  • A quite functional camera for unskilled beginners
  • Good ergonomic aspect
  • Live colors of shots
  • Resolution 14 mil pixels
  • Traditional designed that remains unchanged
  • 3 shots per second (raw format)

3) Sony Alpha SLT-A35

  • Unusual and original camera ( for those, who do not like trodden routs)
  • Technological aspect that is unique
  • Resolution of 16 mil pixels
  • High speed of photographing
  • Possibility to faze photo focus

4) Canon 550D

  • Since 2010 has been in international production (was not taken out)
  • Resolution 18 mil pixels
  • Auto focusing (consists of 9 points)
  • Good opportunity for serial photographing
  • Ability to take 4 shots a second
  • A brilliant balance of offered price and technical characteristics

5) Nikon D5100

  • Is a quite optimal choice
  • Resolution 16,2 mil pixels
  • Possibility to photograph in HDR
  • Auto focusing (11 points)
  • Getting detailed pictures

6) Canon 600D

  • Is a leader in buying
  • Resolution 18 mil pixels
  • Focus system ( identical)
  • Comfortable concerning size and small weight

In all cases, the choice will be only yours. We hope that you will consider all the recommendations before making a final decision. There is no single answer to the thought-provoking issue – what camera suits best for beginners, but still, you have an informative list of the samples to choose from. In case you doubt, our company will also help you with retouching.


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