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Change Your Flickr Password NOW as Yahoo Suffers a Major Hack

If you are a Flickr user then change your password as soon as possible as reports are coming in that Yahoo has suffered a major security breach. According to reports by Recode, a hacker named ‘Peace’ has caused this major data breach which would compromise millions of Yahoo and Flickr accounts in the coming days. According to Yahoo insiders, the breach is so big that it could invite government investigation and consequent legal proceedings in the days to come. 

News of the hack first emerged back in August this year when a hacker named ‘Peace’ boasted about having 200 million Yahoo account information from 2012 for $1800. These information included everything from user id, passwords as well as other personal information. These may also include your Facebook and Google passwords if you earlier used Facebook or Gmail to log into Flickr.

After investigating the claim, Yahoo is all set to confirm the report this week and in all likelihood ask its users to change their passwords and other security measures. We at Light n Focus urge all our readers to take precautionary measures and update their password and other security questions related to their Yahoo and Flickr account. 

Source: Recode  Petapixel

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