Inherit the Dust Nick Brandt

Photographer Returns Animals to their Lost Land the Best Way He Could

Deforestation and industrialization is causing havoc to the natural world everywhere. May be that’s what stirred British photographer Nick Brandt to come up with this unique idea to showcase the ill effects these two human activities have on nature and it does stir you up in a big way. In his project called “Inherit the Dust“, Nick […]

warthog fights leopard Kruger National Park

Dramatic Pictures Show Warthog Mother Fighting with Leopard to Save Her Baby

So what happens when a leopard grabs a piglet? The mother warthog charges and sends the leopard flying in the air making it lose its grip on the baby warthog. Seems unusual? This is exactly what happened a few days back at the Kruger National Park in South Africa and dramatic pictures of this incident […]

Wedding Photography with iPhone? This Photographer Did Just That

Abhishek and Ayushi probably knew they were taking a huge risk when they heard photographer Sephi Bergerson‘s idea of shooting their entire wedding with nothing but his iPhone 6S Plus since this was something which hadn’t been done before. But the couple decided to take the risk and gave Sephi’s idea of wedding photography with iPhone […]