Harry Potter themed photo shoot of 3 month old baby

Harry Potter Themed Photo Shoot of 3 Month Old Baby is Simply Cuteness Taken to Another Level

Illinois based Kayla Glover is a passionate photographer and an equally passionate Harry Potter fan. And when the combination is as potent as this, only one thing can happen. As the photos of this photo shoot show, it was her 3 month old baby daughter, Lorelai Grace, who had the fortune of being at the […]

Comedy Wildlife Photography Award 2016 Shortlist

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 Shortlist: Time to Let the Animals Crack You Up

Most people don’t know that something called Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards exists. In this competition, as the name suggests, photos of wild animals, which are apparently funny, are submitted. Just like every year, this year too, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 has received many entries (2,200 to be precise) from which 40 ‘hilarious’ photos have […]

Vadim Trunov Squirrel Photos

Russian Photographer Captures the Most Adorable Squirrel Photos Ever

Russian photographer Vadim Trunov’s forte was always nature photography. But not even in his wildest dream he would have thought that these tiny animals would give the shots of his life. We are talking about squirrels here which are passed over by most photographers for their lack of ‘glamour’ as wild animals. For some, squirrels […]

Protect Camera from Rain easiest way

Protect Camera from Rain in the Simplest Possible Way

In many parts of the world it’s rain time. For instance, the Indian subcontinent going through the monsoon along with some other parts of the world. In these times, it becomes extremely important for you to protect camera from rain since seeping rainwater can damage the most vital parts of your beloved DSLR and can render […]

Extreme Human Eye Macro Shots by Suren Manvelyan

Stunning Human Eye Macro Shots Makes it Look like Something from Outer Space

This is what we called taking something to a whole new level. When we first saw these extreme human eye macro shots, we were just awestruck. Taken by renowned Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan, these extreme close-up human eye shots is enough to give you goosebumps and make you wonder “how the hell did he do it?” […]

Inherit the Dust Nick Brandt

Photographer Returns Animals to their Lost Land the Best Way He Could

Deforestation and industrialization is causing havoc to the natural world everywhere. May be that’s what stirred British photographer Nick Brandt to come up with this unique idea to showcase the ill effects these two human activities have on nature and it does stir you up in a big way. In his project called “Inherit the Dust“, Nick […]