Samyang autofocus lenses Sony

After Sony Samyang Autofocus Lenses Coming for Nikon and Canon

After launching it’s first autofocus lens for Sony, Samyang is all set to repeat the feat for Canon and Nikon users. When the first Samyang autofocus lenses were announced and when they revealed that it was going to be for Sony FE mount, many felt a bit surprised since most were expecting the company to focus […]

tips on cleaning cameras and lenses

Tips on Cleaning Cameras and Lenses from Canon USA

Photography is an expensive profession/hobby to have primarily because photography equipment i.e. cameras and lenses are so expensive. And when things are that expensive, it is important that you take great care of them so that they last long and perform well. Taking care of cameras and lenses means cleaning them properly at regular intervals, […]

Rolling shutter effect Canon CMOS sensor

Canon Develops New CMOS Sensor that Gets Rid of the Much Feared Rolling Shutter Effect

Here’s one important piece of achievement in the field of digital photography technology that most of us have ignored. Camera giant Canon has announced that it has developed a CMOS sensor which can finish off the problem of the dreaded ‘rolling shutter’ effect in DSLRs. So what is rolling shutter? For many, this is a […]