Black Mamba bites Photographer Mark Laita

Even after Black Mamba Bite Photographer Keeps Shooting and Produces Stunning Results

How many would be able to do it? Take a bow Mark Laita. While shooting for his book Serpentine, he was bitten by the deadly Black Mamba and despite that he continued shooting it. Here’s what happened. Laita was shooting beautifully lit snakes against a black background for his book Serpentine. One of the snakes he […]

Detailed Nikon D7500 Specifications, Reviews, Sample Images, Pre-order Links and Much More

Nikon recently announced its new D7500 DSLR – the fourth in the D7000 series. Since its announcement, the Nikon D7500 has received mixed response where some have flayed it for the lack dual SD card slots and some are ecstatic since it will carry D500’s sensor. Let us now take a look at various Nikon D7500 […]

DJI Phantom 4 drone timelapse

Timelapse Shot Using DJI Phantom 4 Making Waves on the Net

Photographer Ardem Pryadko thought of combining two of the biggest photographic trends of today – drones and timelapse and came up with something which packs nothing short of pure thrill and sensation in a 2-minute video. Drones that were used for making this ‘dronelapse’ include the DJI Phantom 4 and the DJI Pantom 4 Pro+.  The […]

Panasonic GH5 body

Panasonic GH5 Detailed Specs, Performance, Sample Images Pre-order Links and Much More

The Panasonic GH5 has been launched and it’s already getting rave reviews from every quarter. Some have even termed it as the ‘best launch of recent times’ surpassing the likes of Canon 5D Mark IV. But is it really that good? Or are all those positive reviews misplaced? In this article we will take a close look […]

Photo Manipulation Before Photoshop

Photo Manipulation before Photoshop: How Did They Do It?

With fancy software like Adobe Photoshop and many others, today we take the art of photo manipulation and retouching almost for granted. Many people also have the mistaken belief that photo manipulation is new and is connected to the spread coming and spread of computer technology. Let us break that myth today. While photo manipulation […]

nikon D500 the moment of impact

Photographer Tom Miles Shows How Fast the Nikon D500 can be

We’ve all been hearing since the day it was launched that the Nikon D500 is really fast. But how fast it really is? Photographer Tom Miles came up with a video called The Moment of Impact where he put the Nikon D500 against Tom Duquesnoy, former MMA champion with the nickname ‘Fire Kid‘.  The idea […]