Canon reverse attachable lens coming

Canon Reverse Attachable Lens in the Works?

Canon reverse attachable lens patent

From some latest patents filed by Canon it has come to light that the company is working on some new lenses with dual (front and back) mount. This is probably being done to make macro shots easier since one of the cheapest ways of shooting macro is through the reverse lens method. But today one has to use an external adapter to reverse mount a lens onto a camera. If at all Canon reverse attachable lens becomes a reality then the lens adapters, which macro photographers use today for reverse mounting a lens, will become completely redundant and will make the whole reverse lens macro method that much easier. 

From the patent papers (No. 2016-206568) it is clear that the lens would have a reverse attachment detection switch which would enable the lens to detect installation position and act according to that. If and when this Canon reversible lens becomes a reality only time will tell. 

Source: New Camera

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