Canon 6D Mark II rumors

Canon 6D Mark II Rumors Suggest it Would Feature Same Capabilities as the 5D

Canon 6D Mark II rumors are flying in thick and fast these days. It is well known that the next big launch from Canon would be the 6D Mark II, which is slated to come sometime in 2017. It is targeted at those who want high-end full-frame capabilities at a lower price. Now certain Canon 6D Mark II rumors suggests that the upcoming DSLR would have the same capabilities as the Canon EOS 5D. 

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It is too early to speculate on the features that the 6D Mark II would be coming with, but rumors are abound as to what features the camera would ultimately be packed with. According to those, the DSLR would have 

  • 24 or 25 megapixel full-frame sensor
  • Dual pixel AF
  • Dual SD Card slots
  • Full tiltable display
  • touchscreen
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC

But it may lack the crucial 4K capability and could be slightly smaller and lighter compared to the previous 6D. But as we said, all these are in the realm of speculation as of now, so take these with not just a pinch, but a heap full of salt. We firmly believe many more high-end features could make their way into the camera by the time it gets launched. 

As far as price is concerned, Canon Watch has speculated the introductory price of the camera to be $1,999 USD. The current 6D was introduced with a price tag of $2,099 USD. As far as launch date is concerned, Canon 6D Mark II rumors suggest that the camera would see light of day sometime in the second quarter of 2017. Earlier many people reported that the camera would be debuted in February 2017, but that seems highly unlikely now. We are expecting the camera to break cover by April next year and make an appearance at NAB 2017. 

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