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Camera Deals: Buy Three Full-frame Nikon Cameras at Heavily Discounted Price

B&H is currently offering three great camera deals by selling three full-frame Nikon cameras at heavily discounted prices. The three cameras we are talking about here are the Nikon D610, D750 and the D810. On purchase now, you can save as much as $500. Price of the D610 and the D810 has been slashed by $500, while you will save $300 on the D750. But there’s more. In addition to the instant savings, you will get a free battery grip, which costs $225 for the D610 and $369 for the D810. With the D810 you will also get a shoulder bag for the camera, a 32GB SD card and a third-party battery compatible with your free battery grip. 

With the D750 as well you will get a host of goodies which include MB-D16 multi-battery pack, a shoulder bag, a 16GB SD card as well as a third-party battery. It is being speculated that these camera deals are being offered to counteract the delays being faced by various Nikon products and the financial toll it is taking on the company. But whatever the reason may be, as photographers and DSLR enthusiasts it is time to rejoice and grab these superb full-frame bodies asap. 

Click on the links below to purchase the cameras:

Buy Nikon D610

Buy Nikon D750

Buy Nikon D810


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