7 Cool Nikon DSLR tricks you didn't know about

7 Cool Nikon DSLR Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Just bumped across this video on YouTube by Steve Perry where he shows 7 cool Nikon DSLR tricks where you can change various settings of the camera and make life a lot easier for you. I have to admit at the outset that I did not know most of these tricks and so, I am assuming that most of you don’t as well.

Before you guys jump to the video, let me clarify that the Nikon DSLR tricks that have shown here vary from one camera to the other and will not function uniformly on all Nikon cameras. You just have to find out for yourself if the Nikon model you own is capable of doing these or not. Steve mentions in the video though that most mid-range and pro Nikon bodies will support these tips.

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7 Cool Nikon DSLR Tricks

  1. Quickly zoom into your captured image at 100% with just one press of the multi-selector button (0:59 seconds)
  2. Quickly zoom into 100% of the image to be captured in Live View with just one press of the multi-selector center button (2:03 minutes)
  3. Faster image review using the command dial (2:59 minutes)
  4. Faster formatting of SD cards (4:15 minutes)
  5. Temporarily disable flash using the function or preview button ((5:21 minutes)
  6. Using the movie record button to change ISO (6:46 minutes)
  7. Storing AF points by orientation (7:55 minutes)


  • Mario Schlebe Reply

    Great tricks.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks to Steve Perry….

  • Deb Reply

    Amazing!!! Thanks

    • admin Reply

      Welcome Deb..

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