10 Powerful Photoshop features

10 Extremely Powerful Photoshop Features Every Photographer should Know

Ok.. These are absolute must-knows. Every photographer should know these powerful Photoshop features to up their game to the next level. In this video tutorial from tutvid you will see 10 powerful Photoshop features which you probably did not even know existed before and which have the potential to make you an expert when it comes to Photoshop. 

In the video you will see how to use features like 

  • Stacking Face Aware Liquify Filters | 0:53
  • Color Lookup Tables | 4:30
  • Move a Selection as you draw it OR Transform a Selection | 8:07
  • Frequency Separation | 9:03
  • Calculations for Selecting Hair | 15:06
  • Selective Sharpening w/ High Pass | 20:46
  • Color Range on Live Mask | 24:12
  • Curves | 27:21
  • Combine Adjustment Layers with Blend Modes | 29:50
  • Camera RAW filter on anything (Use Dehaze for interesting contrast) | 32:28

Unless you are already an ‘ace’ in Photoshop, at least 2-3 of these features will come as a great surprise to you. So let’s check it out. 

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