Photographer Tom Miles Shows How Fast the Nikon D500 can be

nikon D500 the moment of impact

We’ve all been hearing since the day it was launched that the Nikon D500 is really fast. But how fast it really is? Photographer Tom Miles came up with a video called The Moment of Impact where he put the Nikon D500 against Tom Duquesnoy, former MMA champion with the nickname ‘Fire Kid‘.  The idea […]

Five Elementary Photoshop Mistakes Photographers Make

5 elementary photoshop mistakes photographers make

Everyone knows that when it comes to photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop, the same effect can be achieved in multiple ways. But the purpose should always be to achieve the best possible result in the easiest possible way, isn’t it? There are photographers who like to unnecessarily complicate things for themselves and end up making […]

Canon 6D Mark II Rumors Suggest it Would Feature Same Capabilities as the 5D

Canon 6D Mark II rumors

Canon 6D Mark II rumors are flying in thick and fast these days. It is well known that the next big launch from Canon would be the 6D Mark II, which is slated to come sometime in 2017. It is targeted at those who want high-end full-frame capabilities at a lower price. Now certain Canon 6D […]